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Colonize Mars in Minecraft and make Elon Musk proud!


The map is a replica of the real Mars planet. The world is named Ares and the live map of the world can be found here. Major regions and locations on the planet have been labeled with pins on the map.



You can create a faction with/f createwhich functions as a colony on Mars. A faction can have up to 20 members, a total of 200 faction power, and claim up to 200 chunks. Factions are by default enemies with each other and a faction may only have up to 3 allies.


Factions can go to war to steal land and raid colonies for plunder. A faction member can have a faction power of 10. When a faction member is killed, they lose 1 faction power. If a faction has more claims than their combined faction power, another faction can take their claims. A faction can also break into a colony by using explosive TNT to destroy their defenses.


Work in progress. Read /help in-game.


Work in progress. Read /help in-game.



A supply crate from earth is dropped every 5 minutes in a random location on the planet. The crates can contain many different items, seeds, and mob spawners to help sustain life on Mars. The crates will corrode after 30 minutes if the crate hasn't been collected. You can click a compass in your inventory for directions to the nearest supply crate. Drops are announced in the chat with the location of the crate. When a player collects a supply crate, it is also announced in the chat with the location.


You can buy and sell goods with/shop. Harvest crops, farm mob spawners, and sell the produce to the shop for a good source of income.


Musk Level

As you colonize Mars and gain more wealth, you can level up your Musk level with /musk to gain new perks. There are a total of 10 levels that each give a special perk. Your Musk level is displayed in the chat as a roman numeral.


You can level up in various skills to unlock perks and abilities. Learn more about the skills here.


General commands

  • /shop - Open the shop menu.
  • /musk - Open the musk menu.
  • /vote - Vote for money, TNT and crates.
  • /balance - Check your money balance.
  • /baltop - View the top player balances.
  • /ftop - View the top faction balances.

Faction commands

  • /f create - Create a new faction.
  • /f help - Get a list of all commands.


Benefits VIP VIP+ VIP++ MVP MVP+ MVP++
Get more money when you vote. $150 $200 $250 $300 $400 $500
Chance to get 5 TNT when you vote. 3% 5% 7% 10% 15% 20%


Join the server when it is full.
Ability to use color codes on signs.


Work in progress.