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Micro Wars

Micro Wars is a real-time strategy game in Minecraft. Construct and expand your base to unlock new powers. Recruit units and build your army to defeat enemy armies and destroy their bases for victory.



You begin with a structure called the Headquarters around which structures can be built. When the game starts, you can first build powerplants. After having constructed this structure, you can build ore refineries and the barracks. The ore refinery will dispatch miners to acquire ore from nearby gold veins to get a steady flow of money. From the barracks, you can recruit units. When you have constructed the ore refinery, you can build the airfield and the war factory. The airfield unlocks a couple of new abilities such as the paratrooper drop (Allied Faction) and unlocks the Rocketeer in the Barracks. Additionally, airfields can house up to four aircraft. The War Factory allows players to construct powerful armored tanks. After either the airfield or the war factory has been constructed the Battle Lab is unlocked. This expensive structure is a late-game structure and can perform research. Research is an expensive, long and rewarding process. After the Battle Lab has been constructed various new features will be accessible to the player. These include; laser defense turret, french cannon (if France Faction), spy, black eagle jet (if South Korea Faction), overlord tank (if German Faction) and the Rocket Angel (if Japan Faction).



This construction provides power to your base. The more you construct and recruit, the more power you will need. If your power is negative or zero, construction and recruiting time will double in time. When you construct a powerplant, you unlock ore refineries and barracks.

Ore Refinery

This construction allows you to collect gold from ore veins. Ore miners travel to ore veins to mine gold, which they bring to the ore refinery for collection. In the ore refinery, you can recruit ore miners and the super miner if you have selected the Egypt faction. When you construct an ore refinery, you unlock airfields and war factories.


This construction allows you to recruit units. You can recruit soldiers, bazookas, and snipers here. If you have an airfield, you can recruit rocketeers. If you have and airfield and a battle lab, you can recruit spies. The Japanese faction can recruit rocket angels if they have a battle lab.


This construction is the base for your aircraft. An airfield can hold up to four aircraft. You can recruit fighter jets, rocket jets, and the black eagle jet if you have selected the South Korea faction, and a battle lab is present. When you construct an airfield, you unlock battle labs.

War Factory

This construction can construct powerful armored tanks such as battle tanks, Gattling tanks, anti-air tanks, and the overlord tank if you have selected the German faction and a battle lab is present. When you construct a war factory, you unlock battle labs.

Battle Lab

This construction allows you to conduct research. Options for researching include unit speed, unit health, and unit damage. If you have selected the United States faction, you can research unit speed level 4. If you have selected the France faction, you can research unit health level 4, and if you have selected the German faction, you can research Unit Damage level 4. Additionally, the battle lab unlocks new units like spies, rocket angels, blad eagle jets, and overlord tank. When you construct a battle lab, you unlock laser defense turrets and french cannons.


This construction defends your base against intruders. Capable of shooting at both the ground and the air. If you have selected the French faction, you can construct French cannons. This large bulky cannon can obliterate units and tanks but is defenseless against air units.



This is the regular Soldier capable of fighting on the front lines against both units and tanks though tanks will probably not find the G.I. to be much of a hassle.


This is a larger and more powerful unit capable of blowing up enemy units and tanks. Be mindful of air units though.


This unit is very low in the health department but can deal massive amounts of damage over great distances. It is very ineffective against tanks though and has no ability to target air units.


This unit is a very low health flying soldier capable of shooting down both ground and air units. This unit is best used in larger groups and can fly over obstacles.


This is a special unit capable of disguising as an enemy unit in order to sneak past their auto detection. Spies have one purpose and one purpose only; To infiltrate enemy structures in order to either steal money or sabotage them. Here’s what happens when you get a spy to any of these buildings: Powerplant; Power goes offline for a short while. Ore Refinery; Player steals 1/4th of their money. Barracks, War Factory, Airfield and HQ; Production is made impossible for a short while. Battle Lab; Research is made impossible for a short while. Laser Defense Turret & French Cannon; Deactivated for a short while. The Spy can be detected by either getting too close (½ of the original detection range) to enemy units or being specifically targeted by the opposing player. Defense turrets cannot detect the Spy. If you have selected the United Kingdom Faction all effects of the Spy are magnified. Additionally, the detection range has been decreased.

Rocket Angel

The Rocket Angel is similar to the Rocketeer in many ways except for the fact that this unit uses powerful rapid fire missiles in order to rain fire on enemies.

Fighter Jet

This Jet has the ability to attack both ground and air units and while the damage output is not bad, this unit is quickly taken out by anti-air units.

Rocket Jet

This jet flies to its target and launches two powerful missiles at it. After this the jet has to return to the airfield to reload.

Black Eagle Jet

This special eagle jet behaves in many of the same ways as the Rocket Jet but this plane, while low in health and damage, makes up for it in its incredible speed.

Battle Tank

The Battle Tank is the bread and butter of your pantser army. It is a good weapon against other tanks and structures whilst also being decent in killing units.

Gattling Tank

The Gattling Tank employs a powerful minigun to mow down all enemy units. It is unable to target aircraft and is virtually useless against other tanks.

Anti-Air Rocket Tank

The Rocket Tank is the single most reliable piece of anti-air equipment. While its slow firing speed does make it vulnerable if alone the Rocket Tank does have high damage per hit almost always one shot killing any flying unit.

Overlord Tank

The Overlord Tank is a fearsome weapon built by the germans. It is incredibly slow so moving it is a time consuming endeavor. It is ridiculously powerful though.

Demolition Truck

The Demolition Truck is a sort of drone truck filled with explosives. It can be sent to detonate near enemy units killing them and itself in the process.


The MCV is recruited from the Headquarters and acts as a sort of settler unit. If selected an item will appear in the player’s inventory which allows players to deploy the M.C.V. where they please, creating a new Headquarters around which new structures can be built.

Ore Miner

The Ore Miner is your path to riches and wealth. It drives up and down from the ore refinery to the nearest ore vein collecting gold in the process. Make sure to protect them properly though as they make for nice sitting ducks when unprotected.

Super Miner

The Super Miner is a better version of the regular ore miner. It is faster, can carry more gold and above all has more health. This unit will definitely improve your early game economy.


You can select and read what each faction gives in bonuses in-game while waiting for a game to start.