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Rules are in place to ensure a fair, enjoyable experience for everyone. Please take your time to read and understand all of the rules. Players breaking any of the rules or assisting other players in breaking the rules may be temporarily or permanently banned from Datblock. Please report rule breakers to staff by making a ticket at Discord. Please note that rules may change at any time and any activity not listed in the rules but that the staff deems as going against the spirit of the game can be punishable. If you are unsure whether you are going against the spirit of the game, please contact a staff member to avoid potential punishment.


  • Client modifications that give an advantage are not allowed. This includes non-human activity, e.g. bots, macros, auto clickers and x-raying. Modifications for sole aesthetics or reducing client lag are allowed, e.g. Optifine.
  • Abusing bugs or unintentional, overpowered game mechanics is not allowed.
  • Purposely crashing the server or producing lag is not allowed.
  • Heavy redstone use such as slime block planes is not allowed.
  • A player may only have and use one Minecraft account on the server.
  • Bypassing being AFK kicked is not allowed, e.g. AFK pools.
  • Spamming in any shape or form is not allowed.
  • Cursing or bypassing the chat filter is not allowed.
  • Any toxic, explicit, inappropriate or racist behavior is not allowed.
  • Only English is allowed in public chats.
  • Sharing others' personal information is not allowed.
  • Accusing players publicly for breaking the rules is not allowed.
  • Promoting other servers or products is not allowed.
  • Real world trading for services and items is not allowed.

Survival, Skyblock, Creative

Visit Survival detailed rules docs for a detailed version of survival rules.

  • Griefing and stealing is not allowed.
  • Player killing is only allowed if mutually agreed.


Visit Datearth detailed rules docs for a detailed version of Datearth rules.


Targeting and luring new players is not allowed.

Killing and stealing from others players is allowed.
  • Excessively targeting a player to solely ruin their gameplay can be deemed as toxic behavior.
Trapping players in a nether portal is not allowed.
  • This rule applies specifically to nether portals that can't be exited e.g. wooden gates on portal door.
Any and all references related to regimes like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and the Islamic State is not allowed.
  • This includes ANY Swastikas, Soviet Sickles, etc.


Building outside of claims is not allowed.
  • This rule does not apply to new players, settling a new town, if they have the intention to claim the area as soon as possible.
Griefing in any shape or form is not allowed, this includes unclaimed buildings.
  • Players are allowed to steal unclaimed valuable placed blocks, crops, containers.
  • If you would like an unlawful build removed, please contact the staff.

Modifying terrain in any shape or form nearby other claims is not allowed.

Claiming nearby other claims without permission is not allowed.
  • Claiming in an obnoxious manner such as in a straight line is not allowed.
Players are obligated to conserve the world map terrain.
  • Major terraform changes visible on the world map are not allowed.
  • Unsustainable, terrain changing gathering is not allowed, e.g. deforestation.
  • Draining, flooding, building on water, cobble monsters, pixel art etc. is not allowed.
  • Mass spawning entities anywhere is not allowed, e.g boats.

Please consult with staff by making a ticket at Discord regarding exceptions, e.g. building on water for Venice.


Any inappropriate, offensive, explicit or racist naming is not allowed anywhere.

Nation Naming
  • Nation name has to be the same as current or past nations that correspond with where the capital is located on the world map.
  • Nations can't be named identically to already existing nations on the server.
  • Nations can't be named after unions, alliances, regions, oceans, or after a continent.
Town Naming
  • Town names may be fictional but must have a connection to where the town is located and must sound like a realistic town name.
  • Towns can't be named identically to already existing towns on the server.

Please consult with staff by making a ticket at Discord regarding exceptions and if you're unsure whether a name is allowed.



  • Griefing and stealing is allowed.